8118/121-805 Ex e Junction Box 4xM25 8x6mm2

Produktnr. 1258030
Type 133114
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- Resistant Ex e enclosure, universally usable as connection or junction boxes - IP66 degree of protection - With mantle terminals or with a combination of mantle terminals and miniature fuses (optional) AC rated operational voltage: 750 V Connection cross-section: 6 mm2 Enclosure material: Polyester resin - Glass fibre reinforced Dimensions (W x H x D): 115 x 115 x 64 mm 8 x Mantle terminal 6 mm2 3 x 8161/7-M25-1707-LT (7,0-17,0mm) (Provided separately) 1 x 8290/3-M25 (Provided separately)